Enkopa: The Must-Watch Movie from Ethiopia

Enkopa is the latest must-watched movie from Ethiopia and streaming on habeshaview from July 1 onwards. 

Enkopa is a film that depicts the struggles of a young Ethiopian woman, Enkopa , who travels illegally through Sudan in search of a better life in the West. The Ethiopian movie was officially selected for the Pan African Film Festival and is based on a true story.


Watch trailer: https://www.facebook.com/habeshaviewtv/videos/2613895335548755/

Enkopa portrays the efforts for survival against the brutal and inhumane treatment of traffickers. During the journey from Ethiopia to Canada, Enkopa is faced with sexual abuse, the constant demand for more cash from her traffickers, lack of support and huge expectation from her family back home. Despite the challenges, she does encounter friendship and love. Enkopa is a film dealing with displacement, betrayal, false hope and strength. This is the first time Enkopa will be screened outside of habeshaview. The film is easily accessible by downloading the habeshaview app. Download the app to get instant access to the best channels. Subscribe for €7,29 and pay month-to-month without an annual contract. habeshaview is a live streaming app for the best movies, documentaries and international live channels from Ethiopia and the world.

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