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A sound journey across the mountains, deserts and forests of Ethiopia and its cultural universe. Roaring Abyss will take you through an inedit collection of music recordings of unvaluable importance for the transmission and preservation of the African heritage.

If you go out around music bars and venues in Addis Ababa, you will enjoy a very characteristic scene. But if you want to get an idea of the different sounds from the country, you will get a very narrow view of it; in some places some Amhara and Gurage music may be found, but what about the rest?

There are more than eighty different nationalities and cultures spread all along the mountains, deserts and forests of Ethiopia. Nowadays many of the traditional instruments in Ethiopia have been replaced for electronic keyboards, and many local traditional bands have been reduced to a front (wom)man singing along to a keyboard which plays beats and melodies all in one.

But there are still some musicians spread along the country playing the music they learned from their fathers and mothers; instruments like the Krar, Washent, Masinko, or Kabero, are nowadays roaring and bouncing against the hills of this land full of contrast and diversity.

In order to unveil the music universe and keep a record of this endangered music tradition, the Roaring Abyss team spent two years performing field recordings around very corner of Ethiopia, documented in this audiovisual poem.

One of our featured films this month is Ethiopian music documentary 'Roaring Abyss'. Check out the trailer below and if you like what you see then check it out on habeshaview.

Uverejnil používateľ habesha view Piatok 12. júna 2020

Year: 2015
Director: Quino Pinero
Country: Ethiopia, Spain, UK
Time: 87 min

The documentary can be viewed by selecting FilmBox ArtHouse on the

Mon June 22 at 15:45 GMT


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