This Holiday Season, enjoy THREE EXCLUSIVE HABESHA MOVIES on our app

For the next four weeks, habeshaview offers our three most acclaimed movies for a special price. Stream the movies on your phone, tablet, or smart TV without being attached to a monthly subscription. Happy Holidays!

ገና በዓል ወቅት የፊታችን አራት ሳምንቶች ሞቅ ደመቅ እንዲሉ ልዩ 3 ፊልሞች መርጠን ስፔሻል ዋጋ አፓችን ላይ አቅርበን በተመቾት ዲቫይስ ሞባይል እንዲሁም በታብሌት እና ስማርት ቲቪ እንዲዝናኑ እንጋብዛለን መልካም በዓል

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Ethiopia, 1916: Gobeze is a timid, peace-loving, young man of 25; a brilliant student who dedicates his whole life to “Sem Ina Werq” (riddles with dual meaning). He is caught in bed with Aleme by Gonite, her husband and a wealthy old landlord. Following the old Ethiopian tradition, both men’s clothes are bound together and the rivals set off on a long journey to the royal court to stand trial.

QURAGNAYE is part of the habeshaview Holiday Movie Bundle

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Enkopa is a film that depicts the struggles of a young Ethiopian woman, Enkopa, who travels illegally through Sudan in search of a better life in the West

ENKOPA is part of the habeshaview Holiday Movie Bundle

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Simet is a movie about an elderly king who is fragile and on the verge of dying. He lost his heir to an unfortunate and deceptive situation. Seeking revenge of the killer, he orders his two younger sons to find the man who killed the heir. Whichever son succeeds, will take the throne.

SIMET is part of the habeshaview Holiday Movie Bundle

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