Unlimited Habesha Music with Trace Muzika on habeshaview

Trace Muzika: #1 Music Channel Dedicated to Ethiopian Urban Music

Online streaming service habeshaview is to offer unlimited access to Trace Muzika, a channel dedicated to non-stop video clips of the biggest hits in Ethiopia and worldwide.

TRACE Muzika, a music channel dedicated to Ethiopian music, will be available from August 1 on the habeshaview-app. The habeshaview app offers content from several diaspora communities, highlighting their cultural heritage, history, traditions, socio-economic developments, business environments, tourism, and current affairs. It is available on mobile, laptop, tablet and smart tv.

TRACE Muzika is the only channel exclusively dedicated to the latest and greatest music videos from Ethiopia. It airs the most popular music genres, focusing on the latest in Ethio Rap, Gospel, Ethiopian Reggae, and Afrobeats. It covers music from many Ethiopian regions such as Amhara, Oromo, Tigray, Gurage, Wolayta and many artists – including Lij Michael, Betty G, Zerit Kebede, Asge Dendasho, Rahel Getu, Sancho, Tsedi, Sayat Demissie. Trace Muzika includes a daily Top 10 Ekista Countdown, and an official ranking of the Top 10 Ethiopian songs.

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The channel Trace Muzika can be watched through the habeshaview app. Trace Muzika broadcasts 24 hours a day, without commercial breaks. The channel can be watched through the habeshaview-app. This app can be linked to all mobile, laptop, tablet and smart TVs.

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